About us

Remote Admin is a company providing IT services for local and international clients. Over the last several years we have worked for small, local companies, as well as large, multi-national corporations -our experienced team is ready to face any challenge!

Our specialty is creating safe and modern platforms customized towards each client’s individual needs. The first step of our process is an in-depth analysis of their business practices in order to offer truly unique solutions.

Among the services we offer are:

IT Infrastructure Administration

We can set up new servers and manage existing ones; we optimise their performance, migrate data to the cloud and handle the security details. We design solutions appropriate for each client and implement services such as automated backups, high availability, DDOS protection and WAF.


Our specialists conduct security audits and penetration tests to ensure that the data handled by your servers stays secure at all times. We also offer regular automated tests of entire infrastructures as well as web and mobile apps which make sure your systems will never be vulnerable to exploits.


We deliver complete server solutions perfectly fitted toward your company’s needs, be they VPSes, dedicated boxes or cloud services such as Azure or AWS. We can also subject your existing servers to stress and performance testing in order to locate bottlenecks or suggest improvements that will prepare your infrastructure for any eventuality.

Web Applications

Our specialty is developing dedicated web apps which allow our clients to do their business in a faster, more efficient manner. Instead of committing to expensive enterprise applications, our clients receive sleek, modern tools perfectly suited to their particular business needs.


We also perform DevOps consultations – we analyze the development and implementation process of applications and suggest changes and improvements which will help your developers to work more efficiently.

Why choose us?

Our process begins with a deep understanding of our clients’ business practices, be they a small company or a multinational corporation. This helps us determine their needs and possibilities, which leads us to provide a truly tailored offer every time.

Each of our specialists has at least seven years of professional experience in their respective disciplines and is ready to face any challenge. Our focus on accommodating each of our clients’ specific needs allows us to provide a wide variety of IT services, from server administration, through DevOps to cybersecurity.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience we successfully service clients across the world, including within the USA, Britain, Canada, and Australia. We have completed over 150 deployments and conducted over 200 technical consultations. Each of our clients receives a 24/7/365 service uptime guarantee and access to our technical support staff.

The client’s satisfaction is our top priority. We aim to always provide the highest possible quality for the value, while ensuring our projects are always developed when following the current standards.