Nowadays it’s not the hardware and software that makes the value of an IT system. It’s the data that counts: client data, internal communications, operations, and all other aspects of running a company. The larger the database, the higher the value, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that collecting data takes years while their loss or damage happens incomparably faster. How can you protect yourself from this? The solution is to create a backup database.

What is backup?

The backup is a procedure protecting the system from the result of data loss or damage. It consists in copying the protected data, for this reason it is called the backup copy. The copied data are stored on separate data carriers, which makes them inaccessible to the users of original versions.

Why do you need the backup?

No matter the size of the business, it’s good practice to produce data backup copies. The data loss or damage happens in different circumstances, not only as a result of theft or intended damage by a third party. All it takes is an employee’s error or an unexpected IT equipment breakdown. The backup is a kind of an insurance policy for a database in unforeseen circumstances.

The backup types
The Remote Admin offers the backup service in two options:

  • Full Backup. It’s a full database copy containing all accessible data, no matter when they were created. It’s the beginning backup phase which is essential to perform the next ones – incremental and differential backups. It is recommended to perform a full backup every 10 days on average.
  • Incremental Backup. To perform this kind of backup there needs to be at least one full backup done in the past. On the basis of the last full backup, the system identifies the new or updated files and copies only the data that needs an actual update. The process takes less time as a smaller load of data is copied. The incremental backup should be performed every day.

Data transfer and pricing

Our specialists send the backup copies using an encrypted channel, which is how they are delivered securely on every data carrier. Our pricing is based on the maximum data size to be copied, per GB. If the size of the data exceeds the previous estimations, we charge an extra monthly fee for every additional GB of data.

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