Penetration Tests

The Black Box penetration test is performed to check the portal’s security systems by a simulated attack. It can be compared to a fully controlled cyberattack handled by our specialists with the sole purpose of identifying hazardous security gaps in the portal’s assets.

Our security experts have more than 12 years of experience, have discovered over 5,000 vulnerabilities and submitted over 300 full reports with recommendations on threat prevention.

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Servers Administration

Active server protection eliminates the risk of system failures that could affect or completely paralyse the functioning of a company, portal or application. Any business using a server infrastructure requires constant security control and system updates. Efficient server administration is a responsible for professionals with experience and know-how.

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Nowadays it’s not the hardware and software that make the value of an IT system. It’s the data that counts: client data, internal communications, operations, etc.

The larger the database, the higher the value, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that collecting data takes years while its loss or harm happens in a flash. How to protect from this? The solution is to create a backup database.

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