IBM Enterprise data cluster + web portal

Client’s details: [confidential]

Our job: to create an elaborate web portal in web technology, based on PHP, Bootstrap, NodeJS and Laravel Framework. The database used by the app were PostgreSQL and MongoDB. In addition to creating an advanced web app we also had to create a scalable system infrastructure (Linux), on which the portal is hosted.

What we did: we created the infrastructure on IBM cluster. The infrastructure included a few automatically scalable web instances (they launch depending on the movement on the website), NoSQL cluster created of 6 MongoDB instances, and a PostgreSQL cluster. Static content is served to users from an outside CDN – it’s a faster and more economic solution.

What the client gained: they got the project delivered according to schedule and agreement between us. Michał and Arkadiusz delivered great results and the client was very happy with the new portal.

What we gained: another client whose expectations we exceeded!